Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Karl sends Chanel into space.

It's safe to say that it's almost inevitable that Lagerfeld will impress, but the set for the unveiling of the new couture Chanel collection in Paris was out of this world. (Excuse the pun.) On a set that was laid out to look like a futuristic space ship and quite frankly what I imagine the inside of Richard Branson's luxury rocket to look like, the models paraded down the catwalk wearing amazing sculptured outfits all as blue as the open sky. Lagerfeld joked that this was his 'blue period'. The clothes were adorned with beads and crystals and some of the dresses were severely short, but I love a bit of leg.

 I must admit though, I'm not big on the floral accessories and embroidery but I'll let it slip, because it practically ticks all the other boxes.

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